My name is Thomas Zilch, I was born in 1968 and have been taking pictures for many years. Photography is not my profession, but my passion. It is for me, in addition to a hobby, also a means of relaxation. There is (almost) nothing more beautiful than roaming through nature with my camera and capturing it in a picture. I find love to observe how nature changes through the influence of the weather, the time of day and season and the light. 
On the one hand, my inspiration comes from the joy of being outdoors and feeling the weather. On the other hand, it comes from looking at a lot of other photographers' images, reading photography books, and most importantly, from personal exchanges with other photographers.
At the moment I am shooting with Nikon cameras. Some images were taken with Fuji cameras and also with my iPhone. I edit my pictures almost exclusively in Adobe Lightroom. Sometimes some fine tuning with Photoshop is added.
Send me questions, suggestions, comments, criticism or praise. Please use the contact form which you'll find under this text, or just send an email to
Now have fun with my pictures. 
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